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The Muses London

Tonic Candle

Tonic Candle

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FRAGRANCE NOTES: Sweet, peppery basil and hot, spicy cloves are beautifully blended with chilled citrus peel, giving a sparkling, herbaceous kick to this blend. Finished with the green, sharpness of tomato leaf and the delicately smoky, milky notes of sandalwood. Tonic has a medium to strong throw - offering a beautiful scent that lingers, even when it’s not burning.

SCENT BENEFITS: Refreshing Energizing Mood boosting

PAIRING NOTES: Tonic is spirited and uplifting. Pair with moments in your day that need a lift or motivation - front room work out, those mid-afternoon slumps, down days, home admin!

BURN TIME: +25 Hours

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