Our Story

Aiyah (eye-yah)
exclaimation - informal
a versatile Cantonese expression for surprise, frustration, or sympathy that changes with tone, sound, and expression – similar to “oh my god” or “oh no” in English. 
      • when your first sip of coffee is piping hot: “aiyah!”
      • walking down Fairmount and shop Aiyah is open: "aaaa! Aiyah!”

Nestled in the heart of Fairmount, Philadelphia, our store is a celebration of stories, design, and community with objects meticulously and thoughtfully curated to resonate with your own story. The idea that thoughtful and intentional objects can not only help us connect with the authentic parts of ourselves, but also help us move through our spaces and life more broadly with comfort and ease is what moved us to create Aiyah. 

Our founder, Rachael Compton, embarked on her journey as a jeweler, crafting a handmade line known as by ren. Through her practice as an artisan, she discovered the profound ability of objects to reshape our internal and external spaces. This realization inspired her vision: a place where curated jewelry, homewares, and accessories intertwine, weaving a rich tapestry of stories, each piece resonating with its own artistry and significance.

Woman owned and operated, Aiyah serves to be a safe space for the community we have built and love in the city that shaped us, Philadelphia.