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The Muses London

Kickback Candle

Kickback Candle

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FRAGRANCE NOTES: An earthy aroma with ripe, sun-scorched figs and blossom. Cool, shady fig leaves infuse with the aromatic, calming notes of soft jasmine petals. Finished with green mossy tones and grounded by a hint of earthy, powdery musk. Kickback has a medium to strong throw - offering a beautiful scent that lingers, even when it’s not burning.

SCENT BENEFITS: Promotes a sense of calm Creates a sense of grounding Soothing and mellowing PAIRING NOTES: Kickback has a mellowing, earthy aroma. Pair with tuning out the world - pamper time, meditation, yoga flow, long soak in the bath with a great book.

BURN TIME: +25 Hours

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