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The Muses London

Unplug Candle

Unplug Candle

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FRAGRANCE NOTES: Soft, velvety petals of rose and freesia beautifully compliment the musky tones of honey amber, creating a delicate, warm, sweet scent at the heart of this blend. The mellow, fresh essence of pear adds a subtle, fruity layer. Earthy, woody notes of patchouli quietly rest in the base. Unplug has a medium to strong throw - offering a lovely scent that lingers, even when it’s not burning.

SCENT BENEFITS: Promotes a gentle focus & sense of awareness Creates a playful and inviting atmosphere Encourages engagement

PAIRING NOTES: Unplug is an inviting and warming fragrance. Pair with moments of connection: dinner parties, family get-togethers, long overdue catch ups over coffee or drinks.

BURN TIME: +25 Hours

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