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Chinese Dragon Signet Ring

Chinese Dragon Signet Ring

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The Welcome to Chinatown x SUBLIMA Chinese Dragon Signet Ring is our collaboration with 501(c)(3) nonprofit Welcome to Chinatown celebrating AAPI Heritage Month. Inspired by the iconic Welcome to Chinatown electric dragon sign on Canal Street in Manhattan, it honors Chinatown’s past while looking forward to its future.⁠

It’s a talisman that celebrates what Chinatown has meant for New York City historically—creating and safeguarding the community—and now: Multigenerational efforts to preserve culture and evolve Chinatown’s businesses and services to ensure longevity.⁠

The design blends old- and new-school motifs: Chinese dragons traditionally symbolize strength, prosperity and excellence, poignant in the wake of rising anti-Asian discrimination and violence. The structured signet shape and geometric dragon scales create a modern aesthetic, representing Chinatown’s evolution and future.⁠

Chinatown is one of the last working class Manhattan neighborhoods south of Central Park, a legacy defined and supported by its microcosm of small businesses. The proceeds will help fund Welcome to Chinatown’s work providing resources and critical support to businesses and the neighborhood, which includes their 78 Mulberry fire GoFundMe fundraiser, Longevity Fund—a project-based grant distribution program for business owners—and Meet Chinatown, a digital business directory connecting tourists and locals to legacy businesses and lesser-known shops. Together, with your support, we will keep Chinatown open for generations to come.⁠

  • Available in recycled brass or recycled sterling silver

Handcrafted in New York with love, the Welcome to Chinatown x SUBLIMA Chinese Dragon Signet Ring was originally carved in wax, then cast in metal and polished and oxidized by hand.

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