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Natural Incense Sticks

Natural Incense Sticks

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EUPHORIA: Rosemary, Tuberose, Amber

Close your eyes, breathe in deeply, and let your mind wander — back to the sensation of the last time you felt true joy. Euphoria is ideal for those nights when you want to touch the stars but can’t leave your living room.

CREATE: Mandarin, Iris, Teakwood

Create is ideal for inspiring a rush of energy or a boost of creativity. It’s perfect when you need to set the mood for lively get-togethers or warm, intimate occasions.

CLARIFY: Jasmine, Saffron, Sandalwood

Clarify is perfect for creating a soulful, intimate atmosphere. Use it any time you feel the need for a mental reset, or to ease yourself gently from one phase of the day into the next. 

Refresh your senses and revitalize your mind with the soft aroma and gentle tones in Clarify. If you need a mental boost, the saffron notes in Clarify can help increase your attention span and learning ability.

REWILD: Vetiver, Musk, Redwood

Rewild is a grounding, green, woody blend designed to transport yourself to nature with the essence of Wet Earth.

Try Rewild when you need to return to your roots and remember your connection to the Earth and the natural world. 


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