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Mesh Asian Pear Ring

Mesh Asian Pear Ring

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Our Mesh Asian Pear Ring honors how gifted fruit is a love language in many Asian cultures, given to nourish, care for and pay homage to those cherished in one’s lifetime and beyond.

    The Mesh Asian Pear Ring features a pleasingly round dome shape with a grainy base texture, stem navel and mesmerizing mesh pattern.

    • Available in recycled brass or recycled sterling silver with sandblasted base and high-polished mesh
    • Hollowed for lightweight comfort

    The Mesh Asian Pear Ring was created as part of a collaboration with Faceted Beauty, a brand of handcrafted, reusable, custom-fit and press-on gel nail kits.

    Handcrafted in New York with love, the Mesh Asian Pear Ring was originally carved in wax, then cast in metal and polished by hand.

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