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Public Intimacy Photo Book

Public Intimacy Photo Book

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It is the most intimate kind of love that grows in the dark. This full-color photography collection created by Montreal based photographer, Karel Chladek, is the culmination of the ten years he spent in nightclubs documenting private, fleeting moments.

This book represents countless hours of diligence poured into capturing intimate exchanges and imagining strangers' passionate stories. The debate of true love may remain unanswered, but one can catch glimpses of it in its purest form within "Public Intimacy." Whether a photograph encapsulates the story of one beautiful night or captured the moment a spark ignited in the darkness which continued to burn for years to come, this series is a testimony to love and desire.

Hardcover, full-color photography book. Cover features a canvas texture on pearlized paper with luxe foil and debossing.

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